Quality Sealcoating Guaranteed!


Our Process

Please Note: We do not seal driveways that are severely damaged or deteriorated as sealcoating will not correct those problems.

1. Power Clean

Cleaning the asphalt is the first and most important step prior to sealing your driveway.  We use hi-output power blowers and metal bristle brooms to clean the surface of the driveway and all cracks. We may ask you to power wash your asphalt driveway if it has years of imbedded dirt build-up in the asphalt.

2. Treat Oil Spots

We treat all oil and gas spots which stops the spread of the corrosive elements and allows for proper adhesion of the sealer to these areas. 

3. Power-Edge

When necessary we cut overgrown grass along blacktop.  This allows the sealer to be applied to the edges of the driveway, preventing weed infiltration, and providing for a manicured finish.  Please note: Crabgrass will not be removed completely and will continue to grow and deteriorate your driveway if not killed.

4. Crack Filler

Neyra’s® high-end crack filler is used on cracks 1/4 inch wide or smaller.  When necessary, at an additional cost, hot tar crack filler is used to fill cracks 1/4 inch - 1/2 inch wide.  Due to freeze/thaw cycles cracks may re-open. This is not a permanent solution, but a time buying procedure that cannot be guaranteed. Hot crack filler is a yearly maintenance and we recommend an annual inspection and touch-up as required.

5. Sealcoating

We hand apply Neyra® industrial grade coal tar sealer that is precisely mixed in specially designed agitator tanks which ensures your driveway will receive a consistent and durable sealer.

6. Barricade Access

We barricade your driveway with banner tape for 48 hours. (Please dispose after proper drying time.)


We protect your driveway using the same procedure as for high traffic streets and commercial property!